pendapatan sampingan

pendapatan sampingan
pendapatan sampingan dari rumah bermula disini

Thursday, March 31, 2011

if i ever can

One day I hope to be like these birds
to be able to fly free
from all the hurt.

to be able to spread
my wings and fly 

to be able to not hide behind..
behind some crazy lie

to be able to smile
and not fell guilty

to  be able to talk 
without a single mock

to be able to let go
of all the stress..
and not ending up
have one crazy mess

to be able to cope ...
because i have hope

to be able to say that i had a peaceful day

to be able to roam and 
still have a place to call home

to be able to walk away 
wothout a betray 

to be able to get away from this harsh land
and walking this journey
hand in hand..


Henry Zackery said...

nak terbang bebas mcm burung ye..hehe.. selalu la masuk blog bebas.. mesti rasa bebas :)

Apabila Kartun Wujud Di Dunia

♥sophie♥ said...

haha,,HZ =) kata kata je :D
ohh mesty laa hari2 masuk :)

wunny said...

alo3.. jom terbang sme2 :)

♥sophie♥ said...

wunny : huhu,, jum, =)